The foundation

The RumahBambu Foundation (Stichting RumahBambu) was established in 2008 in The Netherlands with the goal to help orphans and street children in Jakarta and Depok, Indonesia. The mission of the foundation is to contribute to a better future for these children by providing food, shelter, education and healthcare.

The foundation is working closely together with 3 houses for street children; Yayasan Istiqomah en Rumah Qu’ran in Jakarta en Rumah Bambu Streetkids House in Depok. Each house has it’s own ‘character’. In the Rumah Bambu streetkids House you will find especially older boys, while yayasan Istiqomah mainly provides shelter for younger children. Rumah Qu’ran is besides a house for streetchildren also a place where children who don’t go to school can spent their day.

Together with the houses the RumahBambu Foundation organises projects to help these children. The fundraising for these projects is held in The Netherlands. In the past few years, before the foundation was established already a few houses were helped. We build a small library and renovated the sanitation and kitchen.

In The Netherlands the RumahBambu Foundation was established by Margriet Smit. Her husband, Arif, was one of the five students of the University of Indonesia who founded ‘Rumah Bambu Streetkids House’ in 1998. This house (bamboo house) got it’s name because the first house was build from bamboo. Not long after that they got a donation so they could rent a house made of stone. Since the beginning the house operates only on the help of volunteer and it depends only on donations. Because of the economical situation in Indonesia the house the donations are only few and the house can just survive. This is the reason that the RumahBambu Foundation was established in The Netherlands.

The person who is responsible in Jakarta for the finances and contacting the houses, Gunawan, is a good friend of us. We trust him in every way and therefore we can garantee that your money will be used for helping street children for 100%.


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    griya satria said,

    good morning greetings know;)
    very interesting and useful article
    oh yeah by the way want to ask this is no information about jual rumah di purwokerto easy and safe access more convenient it where ya ?? because friends still looking ni
    yes awaited the info thanks
    send regards for success;)

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